J a r e d   P r i c e   |   l i g h t i n g

Jared Price Lighting provides a service to the photographic stills and motion image-capture industry.

Working under the direction of, and collaborating with photographers, directors and DP's, I provide a highly skilled lighting technician service; constructing and managing the lighting systems, lighting grip, electrics, and crew.

Established in 1998, Jared Price Lighting provides a wealth of experience and expertise, creative and technical, in studio and on location, using flash-strobe lighting and / or continuous lighting systems.

Working within commercial, e.media, editorial, and personal projects; in all print, internet, tv and motion formats, I offer a service throughout all stages of commission; from consultation during initial pitch, to referencing and treatments, equipment orders and technical reckys, through to the shoot days and de-rigs.